Submission Guidelines

What is a Philippine story?

To lend some semblance of credibility to our title, we need to define what a Philippine story is. We want to be as inclusive as we possibly can so we’ll define it as any story that is one the following:

1. A story that includes a major Filipino character who, if rewritten to another nationality, wouldn’t have behaved in the same manner. It is the Filipino in him that defines the character.

2. A story that has appeared in a magazine, journal, or any other print publication that is based in the Philippines.

3. A story written by writer of Filipino descent, no matter where he lives.

4. A story written by anyone who makes his home in the Philippines, no matter what his ethnicity is.

Submission Guidelines

1. Send in a maximum of one short story, one essay, or five poems at a time. We will not consider novel excerpts (unless it is self-contained and qualifies as a short story), sketches, or movie treatments. If you would like to submit an essay, query first via email with a summary of the work.

2. We will accept submissions via email only. Send your material as a file attachment in MS Word (preferred) or in the body of the email (no fancy formatting, please).

3. Upon acceptance, you grant us six months exclusive web rights from the date of publication as well as one-time anthology rights. You retain copyright ownership of your work and can publish it in print anytime. Your piece will be featured in the main section of the ezine until the next issue comes out. At that time, your work will be placed in the archives where it can be accessed by readers.

If you have previously given unqualified first serial rights that haven’t been exercised yet, let us know so that we can honor it (even though this is still a gray area at this time–first serial rights have traditionally applied to print only).

4. Simultaneous submissions are okay but you have to tell us. We hate the arrogance of some journals that insist on no simultaneous submissions then take their time to respond. However, we expect you to inform us immediately if your work gets accepted by another ezine before we respond. We also expect you to pull your submission from other ezines if we accept your work.

5. After six months you can ask us to remove your work from the archives if you wish by giving us a fifteen-day notice.

6. We do not pay for material at this time. All the money and work needed to maintain this site are provided by volunteers. This situation will certainly change if somehow we start generating income. (Don’t hold your breath, however.)