The Best Philippine Short Stories Index

Short Stories



  • Ayesha by Jill A. Posadas
  • The Bath by Copper Sturgeon
  • Black Child by Rol P. Lampitoc
  • Clouds by Hector Santos
  • Coffee House by Copper Sturgeon
  • Everlasting by Copper Sturgeon
  • Feeding the Pigeons by Hector Santos
  • Garden by Rol P. Lampitoc
  • How Many Birds? by Hector Santos
  • Indian Sitar with Green Peacock’s Garden by Marissa Gonzalez
  • Itemize by Rudy Ledesma
  • Longaniza by Hector Santos
  • Mandevilla by Hector Santos
  • Negative Profit by Rudy Ledesma
  • Offerings by Hector Santos
  • Schoolchildren by Rolando Lampitoc
  • Waiting for the Bus by Rolando Lampitoc

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