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by Eileen Tupaz

i'm tired of being a zero vector

i'm tired of being a zero vector
with no direction
	no dimension
		and no magnitude;
   what i need is another element
       - but that would be
     a contradiction
of my definition


we are all of us
nonsingular creatures
whose identities
must be affirmed
before our inverses
can be found


why must life
be a diagonal matrix?
where every other path
that deviates from the main
is an unacceptable
	- zero

[  ]

we are born
as identity matrices
a subset
         of the complexity
		that is the universe
until fate hands us a scalar
from the twin ends of infinity
and we grow in magnitude
to become universes
	- ourselves

breaking point

a vector
is a scalar
that has been pushed
     - too far

 ©2000 by Eileen Tupaz

Some of these poems have appeared Crux Mathematicorum.


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